Welcome to the NORENSE-website

The Nordic Research Network for Steiner Education, NORENSE, started as an agreement of cooperation between the three institutions of Steiner Waldorf teacher education in Finland, Sweden and Norway in February 2007. The three institutions are the Snellman College in Finland, the Waldorf Teacher College in Sweden, and the Rudolf Steiner University College in Norway. The purpose of the cooperation is to support research and development within the Steiner Waldorf school movement, as well as in Steiner Waldorf teacher education.

At this website you will find information about our aims and strategies; academically published research on Steiner Waldorf education and related issues; ongoing research and PhD-projects; bibliographies of previous academic research; information about school development projects; announcements of upcoming conferences, and links to websites of related interest.

Call for Proposals Research projects in Steiner Waldorf Education 2015

Guidelines and application form for RSUC master study scholarships 2015

Aims and strategies


NORENSE aims at developing three main areas of the Steiner Waldorf educational movement:

In order to achieve these aims, different fund raising strategies will be used. Apart from applications for monetary grants from various foundations, we hope to develop a close cooperation between the teacher education institutions, the Steiner Waldorf school federations, and the Parent associations in our respective countries. By raising money for research and school development projects, Steiner Waldorf teachers and teacher educators get the material resources to engage full or part-time in Master or PhD-programs, or in school development projects based on action research models.

In Co-operation

Federation for Steiner Waldorf Education in Finland
Rudolf Steiner University College
Waldorf Teacher Education Institute